Policeman with gun

People love cop films. Due to the exciting and often dangerous nature of police work, there is wide scope for fascinating story-telling and explosive stunt scenes, which is what Hollywood loves. Here are some of the best police movies ever made starring great actors and telling tales of crime, violence, redemption and justice:

  1. Heat (1995)

One of the best police dramas ever produced, Heat is an absolute police classic. Michael Mann’s film tells the story of a criminal gang, led by actor Robert de Niro who end up battling against a team of detectives, headed by Al Pacino. The cleverness of the plot is revealed as we see the two main characters have a lot in common and the only thing that separates them is that they are on opposite sides of the law. Lots of action, thrills and incredible acting, you really need to watch this film more than once.

  1. Die Hard (1988)

The franchise of this movie became so popular that it influenced the whole genre. Bruce Willis stars as a cop trapped in a building with a gang of terrorists. Many other films tried to recreate the Die Hard theme of action-packed cop drama until unfortunately, the franchise ended up being a little overdone. It’s best to revisit the original for what was a fresh take on the lone cop saves the world idea.

  1. End of Watch(2012)

Whilst not well-known amongst the viewing public, End of Watch is a cop-favourite as it’s extremely realistic and accurately depicts the way cops behave and the camaraderie that exists between colleagues. It features a rough and ready look at being a police officer on the streets of LA and shows the police as real men and women, fighting a drug cartel.

  1. Dirty Harry(1971)

The whole genre of rogue cop doing his own thing originates with this Clint Eastwood classic. Dirty Harry refuses to play by the rules and gave us the epic line ‘Do you feel lucky, punk?’ He’s a character the audience love to cheer, and this movie represents cinema’s first rogue but lovable police officer in the fight for justice. These days most officers are wearing a body worn camera so the chances of ‘going rogue’ are a lot slimmer. For more information on these cameras, visit https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/

  1. The Departed (2006)

A brilliant story of an undercover cop and a criminal’s mole in the police force and the struggle to identify one another as they infiltrate a dangerous gang in Boston. Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio, this is a cop classic with a fascinating plot.

  1. The Fugitive (1993)

This is a classic tale of injustice as Dr Richard Kimble is unjustly accused of murdering his wife. He is hunted down by a U.S Marshall whilst trying to uncover the true killer’s identity. Starring Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford, it’s a firm favourite theme, one man’s fight for justice.