Real estate is not just bought and sold for residential purposes; business of any form requires real estate as well. Unless and until you have a place for your business, how will you make it function? Hence the property that is either bought or sold for the purpose of your business is known as the commercial real estate.

The sales pitch in a commercial real estate has to be done very carefully in order to bag the deal; hence the agent or broker trying to do so may follow certain steps in order to get a successful deal. Experience in the field, just as the Welfont Group has, helps them acquire their fame among the non-profit organizations who carry out their real estate transactions through this boutique commercial real estate brokerage company. The team of agents in this company is instructed to stick on with their client till the time the client has materialized the optimum returns of the deal.

Experts in the field of sales pitching suggest that as regards the commercial real estate, the following methods of working may help in successful pitching by any broker:

  1. Understanding the core issues – the basic thing a client would want their broker to understand is their requirement. The sales pitch is the place where you can win the confidence of your client by placing his/her needs correctly in your presentation. This is only possible when the agent has a meeting with his client prior to the presentation and takes down notes pertaining to the same.
  2. Making them feel important – a successful agent will always focus on the fact that in any of their transaction it is the client who holds the primary point of focus and not the agent or agency of brokerage. Your presentation hence should contain approximately 90% about the client and property and then the rest about you. Often the agencies or agent make their presentation just the opposite way making the choice of the client vulnerable.

The Welfont Group is a brokerage company which very efficiently represents its private and non-profit organizations till the end. They have a trademark known as the “170 Exchange” though which they help a lot of charitable institutions in acquiring suitable real estate properties.

  1. Understanding the experience of the client – as an agent you should be able to read the body language of the client during your presentation and that is the reason why your presentation needs to focus on the pain of the client with regards to the property transaction. Having done that make sure you magnify that area of pain with the help of current examples of the market, post this place your agency’s USP and why he/she should choose you to mediate for their property transaction.

Having intricate knowledge about the trends of the local market gives the agent an edge and help in securing more and more successful clients for the sale and purchase of commercial real estate.