A good roof serves as an umbrella to protect your home from severe weather conditions and other harmful triggers. However, when your roof becomes old and damaged, you need to think of roof replacement as a priority task. Unlike many other home improvement modalities you can think of, roof replacement is not a choice and if you don’t administer it on time, it will ultimately affect the structural integrity of your most loved house.

How to assess whether you need a new roof?

Sometimes, you may know it by seeing if your roof is destroyed with a storm or gapping holes. However, in general cases, you need a proper diagnosis by an expert. There are many Chicago Illinois roofing experts who can run an evaluation using some equipment to give an opinion about roof replacement or maintenance. The visual cue for you is like missing shingles or if your attic is severely leaking.

If you notice curling shingles, this is a clear pointer that you must replace the roof at the earliest. Ceiling stains and sight of wet spots on your attic are also indications that your roof demands replacement. Other general problems to suggest roofing replacement include blocked gutters and missing flashing, both will damage your roof from serving its basic purposes. If you can identify these issues earlier enough, then you can probably fix them before the roof gets damaged. However, if the damage is already done, then replacement becomes essential.

Should your repair or replace?

With some basic roof problems, you can choose between repair and replacement. There are two crucial factors to consider while taking this decision.

  1. The extent of the damage and,
  2. The age of the roof.

Say for example, if your roof develops a notable leak, you’ll be better off with a complete replacement than going for a repair. Your roofing contractor may not be able to deal with the moisture without taking off the roof wholly and replacing the plywood coating underneath. Especially if your roof passed its expected life span, there is no benefit by repairing a single portion of it as additional repairs can be expected soon.

Here, the most money saver option than wasting time and money frequently for repairs, is hiring a Chicago Illinois roofing consultant to replace your roof fully. However, if there is only a few shingles blown off of your comparatively newer roof, a timely repair can solve this problem.

Shingles for roofing replacement

There are various replacement materials used by the roofing improvement contractors nowadays. You can choose from.

  • Conventional asphalt shingles
  • Modern architectural asphalt shingles
  • Slate tiles
  • Wood shingles
  • Composition slate tiles
  • Ceramic tiles etc.

Each of these options have unique benefit and drawbacks while appearance, cost, fire-resistant properties, life span, weight, finish are concerned. You can do a consultation with your local Chicago Illinois roofing consultant to be sure about which roofing material will be beneficial for your purpose. They can recommend specific materials based on the nature of your roofing, needs, budget, and climatic conditions of the region.