Regulation of temperature and humidity level around you has numerous physiological and environmental benefits. A well regulated humidity level not only keeps you safe from many health hazards like itching, eye and skin irritation, respiratory problems and nosebleeds but also preserves your belongings like furniture, computer and paper.

Where on one hand huge large scale humidification systems are designed for industries and factories, the manufacturers are now also offering mini humidifiers or mini misters. These are so small that they can easily be carried from one place to another. For travelers mini misters should be their first choice if they plan to stay at hotels and do not want to spend their time uncomfortably in a suffocated, dry, non-ventilated hotel rooms. Mini misters can keep such rooms well ventilated and they are also very easy to operate. They come in different shapes and designs. Some of them just need to be turned on and dipped into a glass of water for few minutes until the filter is soaked using a USB charger. Many of them have a small LED light to let the users know that it is working and also make it easier to find in dark. Some of them come along with a tank of their own which requires them to be refilled once the water is finished. This may take from two hours to four hours depending in the quality and price of the humidifiers. While others can be soaked in any other container like a glass of water and some are restricted to containers with a narrow top like plastic water bottles.

Mini misters can also be used in offices and work places. Such mini misters are small, portable and noiseless so that they do not distract their users from work or occupy a large space. As they are small they may not be able to keep large rooms well humidified but they will be a good choice for a small office or room.

Mini misters should also used at homes and at school. These mini misters are specially designed to be installed near a furnace or a site which will disturb the humidity of the environment. They are very easy and convenient to install and have an inner thermostat which monitors the temperature in the environment. If the temperature rises or falls below a set-point, the humidifier turns on or off respectively. Their maintenance is also very easy. The nozzles, adapter, filter and different parts have to be separated and cleaned once a while and replaced back. The instructions for process of installation, operation and maintenance are available along with the mini misters. These mini misters function by dispersing a fine and minute clouds of mist into the warm supply duct of the heating system.  The water gets evaporated and travels along with the furnace air flow into the home or classroom. This result in a well humidified and good quality air in the room; making a comfortable, ventilated, cozy environment. This will contribute to the increase in performance of students at school and a happy environment at home. is used.