The 20th century saw the rise of fast fashion and clothes designers shooting to the kind of elevated celebrity status previously only enjoyed by the stars of theatre and movies. Here are some men and women who have hugely influenced the way we dress:

  1. Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent became a famous player in the fashion world as a result of his incredible creativity in redesigning garments into stunning, feminine pieces for women. His name is among the most famous of all designers in France, the fashion power-house of the world. Yves was the mastermind behind ‘power-dressing’ for women, as early as 1966. Other iconic garments designed by Yves Saint Laurent include the smoking jacket and the whole concept of ‘ready to wear’ fashion.

  1. Christian Dior

Although born in 1905, the French designer’s iconic ‘New Look’ was not unveiled until 1947. After the Second World War, new ways of dressing were snapped up by eager men and women alike and Dior revolutionised the existing styles of both suits and dresses. The ground-breaking work of Dior is continued today through designer John Galliano, who continues his legacy with stunning ball gowns, stylish ‘ready to wear’ pieces and glamourous Dior accessories. It is thanks to Galliano that the Dior brand remains as strong now as it did while Dior was still alive.

  1. Pierre Cardin

The French definitely have a flair for fashion and this Italian-born Frenchman is most famous for his futuristic and outlandish fashion statements. Cardin became a name in the fashion world during the height of the space race, which had a big impact on his inspiration and designs. Described as avant-garde and hugely colourful, one of his signature looks was the bubble dress. Although you might think that no-one on earth would wear a bubble dress, his designs were inspired by big ideals and he highlighted the fashion freedom of women. During later years, his name fell out of favour with fashion critics, but his forward-thinking designs will never be forgotten.

  1. Calvin Klein

Another huge brand in the world of fashion, Calvin Klein was born in New York in 1942. Extremely charming, he achieved much of his fame from natural good looks and a strong ability to win people over. He managed to keep his personal life very secretive, with added to the allure and mystery of this designer’s work. His biggest contemporary rival was Ralph Lauren. If you have dreams of designing your own garments, then why not start some simple dressmaking. For easy-to-use Cotton Poplin Fabric, try online Cotton Poplin Fabric suppliers like Higgs and Higgs.

  1. Coco Chanel

Now to the women – Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel founded the world-famous, iconic Chanel brand which took the world by storm. Born in France, her design ideas were formed around practicality, simplicity and utmost sophistication. Her profound influence on the world of fashion made her the only fashion designer to be included in Time magazine’s ‘Most Important People of the Century’.

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Donna Karan

Before becoming a fashion brand in her own right, Donna Karan worked in fashion for many years, heading a design team that included the popular ‘Seven Easy Pieces’. Donna Karan New York, or DKNY was her sole creation and is a major player in the world of fashion today.

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