People have exchanged services and products in lieu of payment for centuries by using a very basic barter system. Today, due to the advancement of the payment industry, as well as the global economy downfalls and the shortage of cash, bartering has evolved in a complex method alternative to hard cash. Barter is used on every level. It’s used between two friends or strangers exchanging favors or services- depending on the situation, or even between two multi-national enterprises. There are experts that estimate the growth of the barter industry to the point of being worth a few billion dollars yearly.

One can barter pretty much anything to want to. You can use barter to cut costs for personal expenses, or you can even cut back on start-up costs for your new small-scale business. There are hundreds of barter ideas floating around. Here are some of the most popular ideas for bartering purposes.

Digital Marketing Services

We live in a highly digitized era where digital media is a mammoth of an industry taking over pretty much everything. So it should come as no surprise that one of the most popular services to be bartered is digital marketing ones.

If you possess digital marketing skills you can easily trade them for whatever you require, be it personal care services, or material items. If you are a new business that needs digital marketing expertise you can barter your products for it. For example, a web-designer can trade services with a local salon.

Technological Equipment

Again due to the digital era of today, technological equipment never really goes to waste. It may become obsolete in popular culture, with newer, bigger and better things replacing it, but as long as a piece of technology runs smoothly, it’s worth something to someone. As such, they are great items to trade by barter.

A used cell phone can be traded in exchange for a new one. The hardware of an old computer might be traded for its parts to someone who needs them for some other piece of equipment. However, when bartering used technology, one has to be as careful as they would be if they had paid for the item in hard cash. After all, barter income is taxable in much the same manner as payable income.

Gifts and Crafts

Bartering is a great alternative to purchasing gifts especially during crunch time, that is, the holidays. You can trade home-made goods with one another, or even strangers such as homemade holiday decorations, hand-knitted or crocheted goods, or even food and baked items.

Specialist Expertise

Bartering skills is another very profitable exchange. You could impart your special knowledge as barter. For example, you could exchange academic tutoring or music/dance lessons in exchange for any of the everyday activities such as snow plowing, or hauling and moving services.

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