Get two phones

First have a separate phone line for your business calls. For reliability and efficiency consider a VTech CS6649-2 corded/cordless phone. Welcome to modernity in landline phones…Answer a call in your handset phone, get up and continue the call on your cordless handset. If you need to brainstorm business ideas you can just set it to silence mode. Both phones have an LCD screen, so you can look back at your calling history from current and potential customers. Feel safe knowing these phones include the latest features in case of an emergency.

Get lighting that’s appropriate

Go for balance, proportion and no glare; opt for a classic and sturdy Cantilever LED Task Lamp with Marble Base. Control the  light from the dimmer switch and focus light to any area. Good looking lamp, that is affordable and gets you the perfect amount of light.

Get ambient light  with a Torchiere Floor Lamp with Task Light. A very sleek and stylish lamp that goes well with any home office design. If you want less light, you can just turn one light on and leave the other one off.

Go for privacy and get white noise

Shield unwanted noises, get a calming environment and opt for Dohm by Marpac Natural White Noise Sound Machine. Relax, concentrate and get working, all you’ll hear is soothing “shuushh” sound. No more getting distracted with your next door neighbor yelling or the downstairs baby crying. This come in handy when it’s holiday season and unfortunately everyone is at home and you need to work. Now you can getyour  businessrunning smoothly with  this Marpac white noise from Target.

Keep everything organized

No more trouble finding important documents, get a Safco Steel Mesh Desk Organizer with Eight Sections. This is a space-saver and gives you lots of space to store many folders, and supplies. Go for a rustic style Desktop Storage Unit for all your pens, pencils and paperclips.

Ergonometric chair

Take care of your health and well-being, and get a Belnick Mid-Back Black Leather Ergonomic Swivel Task Chair With Arms. This chair offers phenomenal back support, so your back will thank you.. Feel comfortable and say goodbye to straining. Best of all, you can  adjust  the chair’s seat to the perfect height. Get this  economical entry level ergonometric chair to get your business going.

Go for colors that evoke peace

Get into blue, make it through hard times in your business and get a Sail Away Knife Palette Paint Canvas. Go for calming green trees, and opt for a ‘Angel Oak Charleston’ by Pierre Leclerc Ready to Hang Canvas Wall Art. Focus and get in the violet spirit, and opt for  Violet Calla Twins II Framed Print.

It’s your place..

Show your own style, add something you like.  After all it’s your home office.

Focus on running your business smoothly from home and get the best products at Target.