Shopping and music may not be two things you think go hand in hand, but they are actually closely related and are something that every store manager should think carefully about. Music that’s too loud, too abrasive or simply unpleasant can be a huge deterrent, and there are plenty of other factors to consider when deciding what tunes to play while shoppers browse.

Enhance your customer experience

Filmmakers use music to play on our emotions, and if you’ve ever watched a horror movie with the sound off, you’ll know exactly how a soundtrack can change the atmosphere completely. The same can be done with in store music, and the right music can even help increase sales or increase the time shoppers spend browsing, so they see more of what is on offer. Music that’s not too loud but has a reasonable tempo is always a good option.

Select the right songs

Choosing the right music also very much depends on what you are selling. Your music should suit your target demographic, so there is no point in playing classical music in an attempt to attract teenagers, or thumping rock to attract an older shopper. Knowing your target market helps hugely in choosing the right music, and if you choose songs that are popular with the age group you are targeting, you should be fine. Upbeat music is essential regardless of what market you are going after, as no one wants to feel depressed while shopping, and this will certainly lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Get the volume right

If you buy in store music from a place like or any similar business that sells suitable soundtrack, you’ve got half the job done, but you also need to know what volume to play music at. Music should create a great atmosphere, but it shouldn’t be too loud, and you should be able to talk at a normal volume over it. At busy periods, the volume can be increased, but when the store quietens down, it is essential that the music does too, as blaringly loud music is not attractive to most people, but then neither is silence!

Music is hugely important in retail and once you recognise how crucial the right soundtrack to shopping is, you can use it to drive sales.