ISBG, acronym of International Spirit and Beverage Group, is an authorized importer and licensed marketer of alcoholic beverages. The company is known for its networks throughout the world. For selling high quality and top notch alcoholic beverages, it is considered as a trusted name. The company was formed with a mission to produce spiritual values and an atmosphere of excellence. It cares about the passionate alcoholic beverage lovers around the world. This is why the company strives to serve high quality, tested and safe to edible spirit or alcoholic liquors.

With an aim to become industry leader in the domain of alcoholic beverage exports, the company is growing thick and fast throughout the world. As it is progressing in terms of reputation, it is also gaining a strong and laudable portfolio. The company is looking for innovations, ensuring highest quality standard. This global brand for exporting liquors includes the finest quality brands of alcoholic beverages in its list. The company pledges to its customers to deliver the finest quality products for celebrating life. To enhance its recognition and expand its brand value, the company is teaming up with well established brands.

Recently, Alonzo Pierce of ISBG reported to have teamed up with New York Football Giant to expand its brand values. Almost a month earlier, it announced that ISBG has signed up multi-year sponsorship deal with New York Football Giant. Through this deal, ISBG will mainly promote two of its finest products, and they are Cavoda Vodka and Besado Tequila. However, keeping the audience in mind to establish itself as a responsible organization, the company will also spread responsible drinking messages. The partnership is reportedly effective from last month itself, and the initial contract length is 5 years.

As a kicking off gesture of this partnership, ISBG has opened up Club Cavoda in MetLife Stadium. This stadium is considered as the Mecca of football lovers. Opening up Club Cavoda in this stadium will electrify its atmosphere and will definitely please the passionate football fans. Alongside, ISBG will also run campaign for its newly launched products or liquor beverages through this partnership. It is further reported that ISBG will also receive usage rights to the New York Giants trademarks. The trademarks will be used with Besado Tequila and Cavoda Vodka brands. It is expected that with such combination with New York Football Giant will bring excellent recognition for ISBG.

ISBG’s Chief Operating Officer, has stated that the company is looking for a better relationship with the Giants and MetLife Stadium. He also added that New York Football Giant has excellent football heritage. Due to that, it has terrific fan base. For Alonzo Pierce of ISBG, it is definitely a great opportunity to promote its brand name. Mike Stevens, Chief Marketing officer of New York Giants, stated that ISBG’s love for football is tremendous. They are happy to have cooperation with such an organization, which understand the spirit of football. He hoped that this contract will mutually benefit both of them.