A credit for starting entrepreneurs.

Nowadays it is possible as a starting entrepreneur to get a small financial boost from all kinds of organizations. Best Lender is one of those organizations. Are you a starter? Then you can claim a starter credit through Best Lender. The maximum amount of this credit can be 50000 USD.

Who offers best loan for start-up

Start-up credit 

Best Lender arose from the cooperation of three major banks in the Netherlands and from government bodies such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Social Affairs and Employment.

In this way, Best Lender encourages entrepreneurship in the Netherlands and gives starting businesses the opportunity to develop. In addition to a start-up credit, Best Lender also offers guidance, in the form of coaching, for example.

Do you have a good idea and are you looking for some money to implement your plan? A starter credit at Best Lender is then worth considering. These credits are specifically intended for starters with a ‘good one idea’, but have not been eligible for a direct credit from a bank or investor. These credits are also intended for people with a good plan who want expert coaching in addition to the start-up credit.

Apply for start-up credit

Its easy to apply onlline.

Applying for a start-up credit is not very difficult and can be done online. So you don’t have to leave the house. The chance that you will be allocated a Best Lender starter credit is increased if you have a good business plan that you can send with the application. When applying for such a loan, it is checked whether you are already known to the BKR. If there is already a registration, the chance of a start-up credit is not lost at all! If the debt is already sky high, it can be more difficult to get a loan.

The application for a start-up credit is immediately viewed by a Best Lender advisor. This immediately signs for the organization Best Lender; Because they discuss your business plan with you, you immediately know what could possibly be improved or actually is already very good. Is your plan approved and does the adviser see any point in your ideas? Then the starters credit will be transferred to you as soon as possible